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My thesis: Study of CP violation in B → D K* decays on the BaBar experiment

The subject of my PhD in particle physics, is CP violation investigated using the BaBar experiment whilst at the LPNHE Paris.

CP violation studies are necessary to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry at the beginning of the Universe. Yet, the predicted CP violation according to the standard model of particle physics is insufficient to explain observations. We expect that studying the decays of fundamental particles will lead to observations of new physics, not predicted by the well established standard model.

My thesis is a study of B± → D K*± decays, produced by the PEP-II collider and measured by the BaBar detector. CP violation studies of these decays can help to constrain the standard model (in particular the angle γ of the Unitarity Triangle) to check its internal consistency.

Analyses done during my thesis in collaboration with Malcolm John, Jacques Chauveau and Richard Kass, led to three published papers: two papers on CP violation and another one on the measurement of the branching fraction of the B- → D0 K*- decay. I also contributed to data collection by spending six months at SLAC as a DIRC (the BaBar Cherenkov lights subdetector) commissioner.

BaBar detector LPNHE BaBar
b to c amplitude b to u amplitude
DIRC g Confidence level

Thesis* ( ps.gz 3.1M | ps 24M | pdf 12M )
PhD presentation* ( ppt ) *in french

My publications:

BaBar Analyses Documents: restricted

My public presentations:

My CV ( pdf | doc )

Various things

Harold Pinter, The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005

Harold Pinter has been awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature. In announcing the award, Horace Engdahl, Chairman of the Swedish Academy, said that Pinter was an artist "who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression´s closed rooms."
Read Pinter s nice Nobel lecture
( English French ).

Summary of the Climate Change conference 2007 ( pdf )

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Quelques recettes basiques de cuisine

Pourquoi les mouches tournent-elles en rond au milieu des pieces ?

International human development indicators

oecd better life index

Coefficient de Gini

Cette carte represente les inegalites de revenu par pays. Les inegalites sont plus grandes au Bresil et plus petites en europe centrale.



Repartition des Impots dans differents pays


Un peu de culture animaliere

Une petite blague belge sur les français:

Pourquoi ça sent si mauvais en France ?
- Parce que les français dorment la fenetre ouverte !

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